Department Phone Extenstions

Mayor Vaccaro201-641-1813 ext. 8email
Borough Administrator201-641-1813email
Borough Clerk and Registrar
(Marriage, Birth Death Certificates)
201-641-1813 ext.1email
Board of Health201-641-1813 ext. 6email
Building Department &
Fire Prevention
201-641-1813 ext. 5
DIRECT: 201-641-1857

Construction Official

Technical Assisant
Department of Public Works201-641-1813 ext. 4email
Finance/Accounts Payable201-641-1813 ext. 7email
Municipal Court201-641-5589email
Police Department201-641-9100
911 for Emergencies
Tax Collector201-641-1813 ext. 2email
General Information201-641-1813 ext. 0