Garbage, Recycling, & Yard Waste

All collection pickup is subject to weather conditions and holidays. Up to date information will be posted on the website, Facebook and the Recycle Coach app.


Garbage Collection - Monday & Thursday
Bulky Waste - last Thursday of the month, limit 4 items

Windows and mirrors are considered Bulky Waste and must be taped in a “X” shape to prevent breakage.

Metal - Thursdays

Refrigerators and air conditioners must have a $10 permit from the borough for curbside pick-up. Doors must be removed from refrigerators. Permits can be purchased at Borough Hall, check or money order only. 

Recycling - every Tuesday alternating materials


Commingled Recycling 


  • Bottles/Plastics- only items marked #1, #2 should be put out for recycling
  • Cans- aluminum or steel
  • Jars/Glass


Paper Recycling 

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper

All items should be cleaned in order to prevent contamination

Yard Waste  - Wednesdays, typically from April to mid-November

  • Must be placed at the curb in compostable paper bags.
  • Tree trimmings must be cut in 4-foot lengths and bundled not to exceed 50lbs. Tree trimmings are not to exceed 6-inch diameter.
Only Christmas Trees are picked up in January by the Department of Public Works. Leaf bags

 April to September - 3 for  $1/ 15 for $5 (Check/MO only) 
October and November- Free, while supplies last.