Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Rules

Solid waste, recycling, vegetative waste, household appliances (white goods) and scrap metals must be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection but NOT more than 24 hours prior to your collection date.

Collection rules

Collections will be made rain or shine. In the event of heavy snowfall or flooding conditions, collection may be suspended or cancelled.

If collection has been suspended during a weather event it will be resumed once the roadways are passable or on your next collection day.

If your collection has been cancelled, the items will be collected on your next scheduled date. Suspensions or cancellations will be announced on Facebook, and on the website.

Solid Waste

Regular household trash will be collected on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please check the Borough calendar that is mailed to all households to see what days trash will not be collected due to falling on a holiday. If you did not receive a calendar, you can request one at 201-641-1813 option 0.

Trash must be put out in large plastic containers not to exceed 35 gallons and can weigh no more than 50 pounds. The Borough’s contractors will not pick up loose debris left at the curb.

Large, Non-Metallic Bulk Items are collected on the last Thursday and the first Thursday of every month.  Construction materials are limited to a container of debris or a singular item under 50 pounds will be handled as bulk items each week. All other construction debris requires private disposal

Furniture, carpeting cut to lengths of no more than 4 foot, rolled and tied, scrap wood with nails removed, cut to lengths of no more than 4 foot and in containers or manageable bundles, and other large odds & ends are bulk garbage and are twice a month: on the first and last Thursdays of the month. (maximum of 3 items each day). Metal bed frames must be removed from sofa beds and put out on metal collection days.

Metal items are picked up every Thursday.

Recycling of household goods

Commingled recyclables must be in hard reusable containers not paper or plastic bags.  The largest size container permitted for recycling & garbage is 35 gallons, max. 50 pounds. Largest size container permitted for vegetative waste is 32 gallons, max. 50 pounds. The Borough’s solid waste and recycling contractors do not collect loose debris left at the curb.

Household Hazardous Waste Pickup and Electronics and Shredding

The Bergen County Utilities Authority holds events throughout the year where certain items can be disposed of. Also the BCUA holds events for paper shredding, electronics recycling and medication disposal.

Events for 2021:

For more information on what can be disposed of you can visit the BCUA’s website